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Series Finale:
The Return of the Prisoners of the Lost Time

Spartakus became increasingly frustrated with the lack of answers they had found during their journey. All the clues seemed to point back to the Arkadians imprisoned inside the ancient mask. Convinced the answers he sought could be found there, he decided to enter the prison camp, even though there was no escape once he stepped inside. Arkana entered the mask to try and stop him, but the Hydra--really Arkshag in another form--prevented her from reaching Spartakus in time. Spartakus entered the camp, but the prisoners refused to help him until they noticed his wristguard. As they gathered around him, the wristguard glowed and a gateway leaving the camp appeared. The meaning of the oracle became apparent as the wristguard created a path of light which Spartakus and the prisoners followed--step by step--to their goal of freedom. ("The Path of Light")

Back in Arkadia, a furious Arkana vowed that Spartakus would be the last of Arkshag's victims. The Arkadians tried to stop her from destroying the mask, but it and the jewel fell to the ground and were shattered in the struggle. Suddenly, Spartakus and the prisoners appeared where the mask fell. Everyone was happy to see the prisoners freed and reunited with their fellow Arkadians, but they were no closer to finding the second Auracite or saving the Tehra.

Just then, the Star Healer--the man from the future the travellers had encountered during their previous journeys--contacted the gathered Arkadians on the Archives' viewscreen. He revealed to them the true origins of Arkadia--that it was meant to travel to the stars. However, the greatest revelation is that there was no second Auracite to be found--the people of Arkadia themselves were the Auracite. Now that they were all together, they could complete Arkadia's mission, but they were still uncertain how.

Symbols on the Auracite

Matt wondered if maybe the symbols on the Auracite represented planets circling a sun, as some kind of guide for space travelers. Rebecca realized that the vertical lines underneath the circles resembled stick figures--people lined up in a row like paper doll cutouts. The Arkadians began to gather in circles around Spartakus and Arkana. Spartakus' wristguard began glowing, and many of the people the group had met during their journeys began to appear in place of the Arkadians--Catchpenny, Uncle Albert, Mira, Alice, Tutankhaten, Rainbow, the drummer... Finally, the woman who claimed she was Spartakus mother appeared, standing next to the Mogokh leader Baatu, who removed his helmet--and was revealed to be Spartakus' father! (He apparently had survived the attack on his family's caravan, after all) As Spartakus played the song of Arkadia on his mouth-harp, the group drew closer together, then appeared to be transformed into a glowing rectangular form--the second Auracite. The second Auracite merged with the first, which flew into the Tehra once again. Tehrig told Matt and Rebecca that it was time now to leave.

On the surface of the earth, back at the beach where it all began, Matt and Rebecca watched as Tehrig flew off to join Arkadia. The floating city rose from the depths and flew off into space toward its destiny. Rebecca paused, noticing a familiar Pirate ship sailing off into the sunset... then joined her brother, running home so they wouldn't be late for dinner. ("The Return of the Prisoners of the Lost Time")

The End