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Here's my screen at 800x600:

Note that the last word in each line usually gets cut off.

Same post viewed with a slightly different board style--only major difference being the KevinAndNoby.Com image is replaced. Note that it appears to be the "KevinAndNoby.Com Discussion Forums" image, combined with the group of links at the top that's stretching the screen beyond 800 pixels wide. Since Noby has a shorter username than Rusty or Carrie or I, his "Log out (noby)" link isn't as long, and his screen wouldn't get extended quite as much. (Also, any thread Melanie's posted to gets extended by that "Possumgatorsdinnertheatermaincourseoptionsonebolt" under her name, of course.)

If the board logo were replaced with a slightly smaller image, this problem could be avoided. Since I already have Photoshop open... maybe you could try something about this size or smaller: