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Lately David



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Pop music played loudly: that phrase appears beneath the band Lately Davidís stylized moniker in print as a logo. But the concept behind those words is played out both in live performance and on record in the bandís music.

Hernando, MS based Lately David, drummer Scott Agner; bassist Tommy Burton; and guitarists Danny McGreger and David Rice, draws upon influence from the likes of REM, The Who, The Beach Boys, and Memphis, TNís seminal Big Star to write and perform pop music with wit, attitude, and an edge.

Lately David live performances feature a loud, brash brand of pop music chock full of material from The American Music Revival, the bandís roots rock flavored LP, as well as new songs currently being recorded for a future release that seamlessly meld the attitude of 1970ís glam, the sounds of 1980ís post-punk, and the hooks of modern pop.

The band has performed their brand of rootsy power pop at venues ranging from the outdoor festival events ďHog Wild Barbeque FestivalĒ in Jackson, MS and ďSouthern NightsĒ at the DeSoto Civic Center in Southaven, MS, to clubs around Memphis, TN such as Neilís, P&H Cafe, and the Hard Rock Cafe.

Danny McGreger and Tommy Burton began Lately David in the winter of 1995 simply as a creative songwriting outlet while in music school at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS. It wasnít until April of 2000 that Scott Agner came aboard and the band hit the stage as a true working band, performing a catalog of songs written over the course of the previous 5 years. In late 2002, an old friend from college days, David Rice, came aboard to complete the current lineup


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