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Happy New Year...
The new record is here.  Just in time, too.  I can't tell you how excited I am about it.  I think it turned out even better than I think I thought it would.
The guys got together yesterday for what I called "The New Year's Jammy Jam."  I don't know if I would call it a proper rehearsal, but we did work on some new material that we will be working into the set.  Fun stuff.  I like the direction that some of the older material has taken since Dave came on board last year.  "The Academy" has a life of its own.  I love the way we are doing "Guinevere."  "Julie Ann" sounds very different from the version that appears on the record.  I've always thought it was cool when a band or artist rearranges an older song.  Maybe this is why I enjoy Bob Dylan's concerts so much.  I suppose this can be annoying for fans who want to hear what's on the record.  I know that in our case, it's more out of nescessity.  It's very hard to reproduce what we record on stage.
I'm really excited about the new year.  I think you will hear more and more from Lately David.  The band is growing stronger.  I remarked to Danny earlier today that I remember when learning a new song was a real chore for us.  It seems almost too easy for us.  I know this is because we are better players and we know each other musically.  In our session yesterday, the four of us made the same mistake on "Queen Of New York."  It was really cool/scary.  I've always found it awesome when you can sense musicians breathing together.  We are doing it more and more often.
I hope to write here often, so check back.  For now, I will leave this as my first entry.  Hope you've all had a great holiday and new year.  Here's to '04...

I like Danny's header for this page.  He should never change it (hint hint).

Busy stuff going on.  Updated all the fine products over at Cafe Press.  Jason Bell has worked very hard to make our record look great.  I'd like to publicly thank him right here.  I closed down the Tommy Burton Adventure the other day.  I want to focus all of my creative energies to this Lately David thing.  I'm a little sad about the site closing, but I really have no idea why.  I haven't updated the damn thing in forever.  Perhaps it will reopen when I find some creativity to pout into it.
I bought a ukulele the other day.  I have a peaceful enjoyment strumming the little darling.  I'm hoping to write some songs on it.  It's so easy to carry and so much fun to play.  I know why George Harrison made such a fuss about them.  They are truly wonderful.
I read today that Bradley has endorsed Howard Dean.  I said a few months ago that I would support Dean if he won the nomination.  I might be held to those words.  I consider myself a Libertarian, but I never would have thought that Dean would end up with the Democratic nomination for President.  He's too much a of a maverick.  He doesn't play by the "party rules" which is precisely why I like him.  I'm so tired of all the political nonsense.  What this nation needs is leaders.  Too many of these guys know where there job is at, so they play by the rules, because they know that it's their party that gets them elected.  I think the majority of the American people want to see leaders, too.  I may be an idealist, but I really would like to think that.  Dean is certainly ruffling some feathers within the Democratic Party.  He reminds a little of McCain in the 2000 election.  It will be interesting of others in the party will get behind or will they go with someone more favorable like Clark?  I'm still saying that Clark will be the man by the end of summer, but you never know.  Dean might build up enough steam that the powers that be cannot deny him.  It will be interesting.  It always is.
 I can always vote for the candidate who wants to ban commercials in the movie theaters.  Is Ralph Nader going to run again?
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