Episode guide

The following episode guide lists the episodes in the original French airing order. French episode titles are in parentheses. English titles of episodes I don't have on tape are in italics and may not be 100% accurate. Those titles were provided by Paul Lunga from a book on animation which had a few errors in it, so if anyone can confirm any inaccuracies here, I would very much appreciate it. (Many thanks to Hervé Lesage de La Haye for the french titles and airdates)

More detailed pages for each episode are under development.

  1. The City of Arkadia
    (La cité d'Arkadia)

    FIRST EPISODE - While exploring a cave, Matt and Rebecca meet Arkana, who tells them of her mission to rescue the dying Tehra. When the Pirates attack and abduct Arkana, Bic, and Tehrig, the mysterious traveller Spartakus rescues them and helps the group escape into the strata.
  2. Living Crystal
    (Le cristal vivant)

    In a crystalline stratum that echos with the sound of the Tehra, Spartakus and company meet Galileo, and are taken prisoner by the Inquisitors, who try to get them to renounce their claims that other worlds lie beyond their stratum.
  3. Between Two Worlds
    (Les pilotis du démon)

    Tehrig is swept away by the powerful currents of the River of Time, leading the group to a land occupied by a primitive tribe that is being threatened by the machines of an advanced civilization from a stratum above theirs. Meanwhile, the children of Arkadia are trying to fix the entrance to the Archives, which has rusted shut.
  4. Arkana and the Beast

    Arkana is kidnapped by the Thot, a gigantic, well-meaning beast, who lives in an abandoned metropolis.
  5. The Pirate Klub
    (Le klub pirate)

  6. The Law of the Mogokhs
    (La loi des Mogokhs)

    In a snow-covered land, Spartakus and his friends meet Mira and her grandfather, and help them defend their village against attacking Mogokh raiders.
  7. Night of the Amazons
    (Les mille et une heures d'Arkadia)

    Massmedia teams up with Arkana and Tehrig to rescue Spartakus, Mighty Matt, and Sleazeappeal, who are being held as prisoners by a tribe ruled by women. Tehrig distracts the tribe's Sultaness by telling her the tale of Arkadia, giving the others time to rescue the prisoners.
  8. The Capture of Demosthenes
    (Démosthène, dit D.D.)

    The group tries to rescue the great orator Demosthenes from Nasty Max (who needs help with his speechmaking skills for the upcoming election), and return him to Athens to clear his name.
  9. Tada and the Royal Insignia
    (Tada et les insignes sacrés)

  10. The Icy Web
    (Icelandis - le vaisseau fantôme)

    Pursued by the Pirates, Tehrig travels to the ice-covered stratum of Icelandis, where one of three legendary gateways to Arkadia is said to exist. There they discover the mysterious ghost ship Araukania III, which might be from an expedition that left Arkadia a long time ago, as well as other artifacts that suggest a connection between Spartakus' ancestors and the ancient Arkadians.
  11. The Pirate Convention
    (La convention pirate)

    Having found the way back to Arkadia for them, Spartakus leaves the group. Nasty Max, however, soon captures the group and takes them back to the Pirates' island, hoping that having Arkana and her powers in his possession will help him win the Inter-Marine Pirate Federation election. Spartakus must then rescue his friends before they are sold as slaves.
  12. Out of Control
    (La folie de Shagshag)

    Tehrig is damaged while traveling through a dangerous passage, causing him to believe he is still in Arkadia. The crew must trick Tehrig into helping them to repair his damaged systems in time to escape a deadly whirlwind.
  13. Children... and Mice
    (Des enfants et des souris)

    While the group is stopped and gathering supplies, Rebecca follows a wild pangolin and gets lost, finding her way to some old ruins where a group of children and some giant mice listen to a magic flute that plays music by itself. When Matt finally finds her, he cannot hear the music, and is forced to leave, while Rebecca stays behind. Spartakus reasons that this strata might be where the flute player of the old tale of the Pied Piper took the children he led away from a town that refused to pay him for removing their mice. Arkana is able to hear the music of the flute, and finds the ruins. Matt and Spartakus are attacked by the mice, who transform into hideous creatures, but Arkana drives the monsters away and frees the children by playing the song of Arkadia on the flute.
  14. The Gladiators of Barkar
    (Les partenaires de Barkar)

    Matt, having "borrowed" Spartakus' wristguard without his knowledge, is kidnapped and forced to learn to fight as a gladiator in the city of Barkar. Spartakus agrees to fight once again as a gladiator in exchange for Matt's freedom, but the Lanista double-crosses him, kidnapping Rebecca and forcing Spartakus and Matt into a duel to the death for her life.
  15. The Emperor Quin and the Eighth Kingdom
    (L'empereur Qin et le huitième royaume)

  16. The Dark Hole
    (Le nemkor d'Arkana)

  17. The Drummer

    When Spartakus plays a song taught to him by his father, a drummer mysteriously appears and leads him on a bizarre journey. If Spartakus can prove that he is the rightful heir to an ancient kingdom's throne, he is promised a meeting with his long-lost mother.
  18. Rebecca: Pirate of the Sea
    (Rébecca, pirate du lac)

  19. Star Healer
    (Le guérisseur d'étoiles)

  20. The Prisoners of Lost Time
    (Les prisonniers du temps perdu)

    Matt and Rebecca discover a strange mask that transports the group to another time and place. A man named Arkshag claims that he can lead them to Arkadia, but Arkana suspects it may be a trap.
  21. Emergency Landing
    (La Taka des Inuks)

  22. The Court of Miracles
    (Villon - la cour des miracles)

  23. Interstratas War
    (La guerre interstrates)

    Matt and Rebecca discover a parallel world that resembles their hometown, where a war has been raging for countless years. The only way to stop the fighting is to show both sides proof of Arkadia's existence.
  24. The Defeat of Gog and Magog
    (Gog et Magog)

  25. Dr. Test
    (Docteur Test)

    Believing Arkana to be his long-lost love, a mad scientist sends Tehrig back in time through the group's many adventures, in an attempt to bring her back to him. (Note: this is what's often called a "clip show," since it consists mostly of scenes from previous episodes tied together with a small linking story.)
  26. The Secret of the Auracite
    (Le secret de l'Orichalque)

    FIRST SERIES FINALE - The group finally reach Arkadia, and try to solve the mysteries of the Tehra. Spartakus discovers that his wristguard may hold the key.

  27. Prophecy of the Auracite
    (Le retour de l'Orichalque)

    SECOND SERIES OPENER - The group returns to Arkadia to attempt to free the Prisoners of Lost Time, but discover that the Tehra will never be permanently restored until a riddle is solved and a second Auracite is found.
  28. The Most Dangerous Game
    (L'échiquier des mondes)

    The travellers are forced to battle in a real-life chess match against some of their most fearsome enemies.
  29. Cyrano
    (Cyrano de Borbotrak)

  30. The Tightrope
    (Zara ou l'éternel retour)

    Matt follows a devilish trickster and his supernatural pets--a giant eagle and a teleporting snake--on a dangerous quest to find "the gold at the earth's core," believing it might be the Auracite. Spartakus, knowing that no one has ever returned from the journey, tries to stop him.
  31. The Twisted Rainbow
    (La jeunesse de Spartakus)

    While crossing the deserts of Barkar, Spartakus recalls the incident that took away his family and forced him into slavery, his life as a gladiator, and the bitter reunion with his long-lost brother.
  32. High-Risk Highrise

    Ringnar holds Tehrig prisoner, forcing his Triggies to build new luxury high-rise apartments for the Pirates. When Nasty Max discovers what Ringnar is up to, the two begin a power struggle for control of Tehrig, the tower, and the pirates' loyalties.
  33. The Boy Pharaoh
    (Toutankhaton, le combat royal)

    The travelers meet Tutankhaton, who is about to become Pharaoh, and are caught up in a plot by the boy's uncle and the Priests of Amon, who want to seize power and return to worship of the old gods.
  34. The Floating Casino
    (Casino pirate)

    When the Pirates capture just about everyone on the seas, the group finds themselves prisoners in the hold of the Pirates' ship. Meanwhile, Bic and Bac have to deal with being forced to work as Massmedia's musicians and trying to recover Spartakus' wristguard from the Pirates' casino, all the while evading a pair of nasty pickpockets.
  35. Prince Matt
    (Le règne de Bob)

  36. The Land of the Chameleons
    (Les hommes-caméléon)

    The group befriends a city of people descended from the original Arkadians, who use their shapeshifting powers to help rescue Arkana from a Pirate trap.
  37. The Token of the Manitou
    (Ogida le Cherokee)

    The travelers are aided in their search for an underground vein of metal that may be Auracite by a powerful but suspicious magician called the Manitou. Along the way they encounter a Cherokee from the surface of the earth who is looking for a new home for his people.
  38. The Master of the Tongues
    (Le maître des écritures)

    Guided by a mysterious mute woman, the group ascends a large tower filled with recorded knowledge from throughout history, but someone is trying to keep them from reaching the top.
  39. The Land of the Great Spider
    (Bic et Bac superpangolins)

    The travelers are caught in the web of a giant spider, and Bic and Bac are held captive by a tribe of their anteater cousins for their fire-making ability.
  40. The Ransom of Peace
    (Alexis et la horde d'or)

    The group returns to Mira's village, which is preparing for another confrontation with the Mogokhs. The villagers are divided over a plan to buy peace with the Mogokh leader, Baatu, by giving him a large ransom of gold. Spartakus helps with the plan, hoping he may learn something about his father from the mysterious Baatu.
  41. The Triangle of the Deep
    (Le triangle des Abyssos)

    The travelers investigate the stratum where the People of the Deep mysteriously vanished long ago. To help Tehrig stay on course in the area, which has magnetic disturbances that disrupt navigation, they create a fake competitor to FIPIRATE, tricking the Pirates into increasing their broadcast signal strength. Of course, the competition also prompts the Pirates to put on a huge impromptu concert for all the rogues of the strata. :)
  42. Uncle Albert
    (Oncle Albert)

    The group investigates a city closed in by giant walls, and are captured by the army of Iron Men who terrorize its citizens. With the help of an eccentric genius named Uncle Albert, they plot to help the people escape.
  43. Tehrig's Nightmare
    (Sacrés pirates)

    A badly damaged Tehrig returns to Arkadia for repairs, and soon begins thinking that he's actually the Pirate ship. His friends try to bring him out of his delusional state, while recounting some of their adventures involving the Pirates in typical "clip show" format.
  44. Rainbow's End
    (Les frères de Barkar)

    The travelers discover an abandoned city that was once inhabited by the Arkadians who built the Tehra. Rainbow is here too, however, and he wants the secrets of the Arkadians--as well as Arkana--for himself.
  45. Holiday Fever
    (Drôles de vacances)

    Tehrig is stuck in an ancient trap designed to disable ships run by artificial intelligence systems. Fortunately, the Pirates are vacationing nearby, and Rebecca, Bic, and Bac try to steal the Pirate ship to rescue their friends--with a little help from Ringnar's mischievous nephews.
  46. Dodo
    (Le dodo des dodos)

    Tehrig lands on an island inhabited by slow-witted, comical dodo birds that can draw people into their dreams of flight. Rebecca gets lost after the Pirates try to catch the birds, and finds herself at the home of Alice, who lives alone with her memories of her adventures in Wonderland.
  47. The Shadow of the Tehra
    (L'ombre de Terha)

    The travelers discover the explorer Ulysses adrift at sea, and help him reach the lost island of Atlantis, which only reappears once every thousand years.
  48. The Temple of the Condor
    (Le temple du Condor)

    The travelers discover an Aztec-like pyramid hidden deep within a mountain fortress. There they meet a priest who intends to save the sun of the Civilization of the Condor by offering Arkana as a sacrifice.
  49. Mama Thot

    The travelers return to the city where Arkana was kidnapped by the Thot, in order to reunite it with its mother and return it to its home. Matters are complicated, however, as the Pirates have built a theme park in the city--with Thot as the main attraction.
  50. Gateway to Dawn
    (La porte de l'aurore)

    Tehrig is trapped in Arachne's web, and to free his friends, Spartakus has to board the ghost ship Araukania, where he agrees to guide the ship on its final journey to the Gateway to Dawn.
  51. The Path of Light
    (Le retour du temps perdu I: Le chemin de lumière)

    Having returned to Arkadia, Spartakus decides that the only way to find the secret of the Auracite is to go to Arkshag's prison camp, even if it means he can never return. Arkana tries to stop Spartakus, but Arkshag prevents her from reaching him in time. Inside the camp, Spartakus discovers the secrets of the oracle and his wristguard.
  52. The Return of the Prisoners of the Lost Time
    (Le retour du temps perdu II: Vers l'ailleurs et demain)

    FINAL EPISODE - Spartakus returns to Arkadia with the prisoners. Together, they discover the truth about the second Auracite and Arkadia's original purpose. Matt and Rebecca return home as the Arkadians fulfill their destiny.