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Multimedia: Music

The Main Theme

"Les Mondes Engloutis" is the title theme of the original French series of the same name.

The main theme of Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea uses the same music as the original "Les Mondes Engloutis" with totally different lyrics, reflecting the change in title.

The title theme is also known to the characters on the show as the Song of Arkadia, and it ends up leading them to some important clues about Arkadia's past. The People of the Deep invented a method of transforming matter into energy, using the song as a code to unlock the transformation.

During the later portion of the show's American run on the Nickelodeon cable channel, the network decided to replace the main theme with a new theme song by the pop group Menudo.

  • Menudo opening theme - Lyrics

The Pirates' Theme

Introducing Nasty Max and his crew...

The Flashbick

Bic and Bac's celebratory song and dance. It's the jig of Arkadia!

  • "Le Flashbick" - French Lyrics / English Translation

  • English version - Lyrics
    WAV format audio (1.42 MB)

    Note: In the 42 episodes I have access to, the English version is always cut short. The clip here contains as much of the third verse as they ever played. (It's unlikely that any of the episodes I don't have use the entire song, since they're all first season episodes, and the Flashbick appears to have been exclusive to the second season.)

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