Big News! November 1, 1999

--There's a new french-language Les Mondes Engloutis site out there on the web, and the site is reporting that the first 26 episodes will be released on home video in France soon! These VHS videos from IDP will be available only in SECAM format (which means only people in France and a few other countries will be able to view them without the aid of special VCRs or convertors) for the time being. If I find out any further information, I'll be sure to post it here!

Also, there's news that a sequel to The Mysterious Cities of Gold (Les Mystérieuses Cités d'Or) is in the works! A revival of this French/Japanese animated series that aired here in North America on Nickelodeon along with Spartakus would be great!

Update: October 11, 1999--I know, I know, these updates have been getting fewer and farther between, and I'm behind on answering your emails, but this update should answer one of your most frequently asked questions. A description of the conclusion to the series has been added to the Story area! The Season 1 section has had an important paragraph added as well. The episode guide has been updated with brief summaries of "Night of the Amazons" and "The Icy Web", as well. Many thanks again to Hervé Lesage de La Haye for episode info.

Update: July 23, 1999--See, I haven't forgotten about the site! Tehrig hopes you enjoy the new look, his Triggies have been hard at work on it. Point your wristguard at the Auracite over on the left side of the page to navigate around and you'll find some new goodies on the site: Episode order corrected, Menudo closing theme added to Music section, new Images added, Site Credits added

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